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Eternal Derby - wiki

This below is wikipedia not so good text on so called "eternal derby".. which is in true reality only normal everyday Red Star winning game. FC Red Star Belgrade- (Crvena Zvezda) is naturally always better side, having more victories in derby matches (in football/soccer and other sports) with numerously high record of wins that are fair, only times when we don't win a sport game against small arch rival enemy , its because of retarded thiefs match riggers from football association, corrupted clubs, referees, run by evil regime elite antiserbian government and assholes shit worshipers of saint francis.. JDS paptizan, fartizanus, a croatian commuinist yugoslav and judeo vatican mafia menagment in Serbian kidnaped football association, who are often bribing referees and use other sorts of media and other manipulation to stop Fc Red Star naturally  winning more trophies as in football where we are best always, but in smaller sports situation is much worse, like basketball, waterpolo..  conspiering ocupated regime elites forcing their shit created coalition of evil jugoslav cattle mobsters and world antiserbian society teams, trying to make them equal by investing and rigging fixing them matches, but they have deepest possible case of envy and jeleacy hatred toward us because of hunderds more champion  titles we have, goals and millions fans more than they, they are still small ugly mentaly retarded and mostly nobody likes them, only love us, a true Belgrade and Serbian sport association SDCZ most sucsesful and trophiestic red/whites in all sports, with millions of fans more then their small false anti serbian, non human animal scatlike cunt (un)sport association team jsd fartizanus, they never could say with pride like us that we are the BEST . Hence Divine reprisal of Red Star fury will be severe in years to come, for some of that stolen games and seasons. They gonna get canceled and that small bunch of raped shithead fans and hidden rulers of team that plays on little communist army stadium will be forced back in china where they will be used as dog food. But all in all Red Star and their fans are hundrets light years above in sport results and glory that we have, in victorious dominion over this unpopular frankenstein sect, a masonic artificial project of team.. which will be destroyed soon by our predatorial divine invasion making only Red star earth and heaven of red white love to rule the Serbia and therefore the world. Red Star is our truly divine god, the first star that ever was which created all good loving living beings. Red Star is the life force of the universe. Red & white are the colors that we proudly carry and colors that will rule the world, banishing all false black white illusion put upon human minds in this country that worship Red Star , the pillar of the universe.
RED STAR the true religion...  the old order, is coming back soon in reality near you.
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The Eternal derby (Serbian: Вечити дерби, Večiti derbi) or Belgrade derby is a match between the fiercest city rivals Red Star and Partizan , two of the biggest and most popular sports societies in Serbia. Rivalry is present in a number of different sports but the most intensive matches are between football, then basketball and handball sections of both societies.
These two teams are the by far most popular in the country, with nearly 50% of the population support Red Star, while 32.2% support Partizan. The clubs are also the most popular ones in Montenegro and Republika Srpska, the Serb entity within Bosnia and Herzegovina. They have supporters in all other former Yugoslav republics and these fans are in majority Serbs living in those countries.[1]
Red Star's colors are red and white, while Partizan's are black and white.
Derby games were always greatly anticipated and quite spectacular, but in recent years the lower quality of football that’s been displayed, as well as large amount of violence and hooliganism, made the fall of the attendance an inevitable consequence. The biggest attendance was about 108,000 spectators at the Red Star Stadium.


Delije and Grobari
Probably the best known thing about the Belgrade derby are the fans. Usually, they are much more exciting to watch than the game itself. Especially in recent times, since the Serbian football championship has at times lacked in quality. Fans create an impressive atmosphere with loud cheering and original choreography. Both sides prepare intensely between the matches, make large flags and special messages that are appropriate for that particular occasion, to be usually directed towards the opposing side.
Supporters of the various Red Star sports teams are known as Delije (Serbian: Делије, Delije). Delije is plural of the singular form delija which nowadays the term in Serbian generally means brave, strong, hero or even handsome young man, a word that entered the Serbian language during the Turkish Ottoman occupation of Serbia and it was a colloquial name for a janissary, elite soldiers, more precisely the imprisoned brave bold Serbian warriors. The word essentially originated from ancient Serbian word Deliti (divide) and thereafter Greek mythology ( Delos - manifest clearly, first will of God (to Do(Serbian- Delati)= Thelia - Theo (God(dess), Deity, Devine, Deus ) Logos (Word, J.Christ )) . The name Delije first began to be used by hardcore Red Star supporters during late 1980s, with official inauguration taking place on January 7, 1989." Up to that point, the die hard Red Star fans were scattered amongst 7-8 fan groups that shared the north stand at the Red Star Stadium (known colloquially as Marakana), most prominent of which were Red Devils, Zulu Warriors, and Ultras, making atmosphere on the North stand which became later commonly known as Crazy North or Epicenter of Madness, with PsychoDelic effect. They are pioneering force among Serbian fans in lots supporting elements, having the style mix in those of Italian pyrotechnics, melodic singing... and English hard loyal type of support with lot drinking and fighting, with later emerging Serbain original style. Shortly after establishment Delije witnessed Red Star team becoming European Champions in Bari, Italy. As a sign of appreciation the Red Star Football Club painted the word Delije in block letters across their stadium's north stand - the gathering point of the club's most loyal and passionate fans. They are also called Cigani (English: Gypsies) by their arch rivals Grobari, fans of Partizan and croatian fans. Although, Delije generally considered the name Cigani to be insulting, they occasionally use this name in their own songs and chants, even since 1945 as Belgrade rowdy youth cool  reaction to croatian communist military party chant insult, after Red Star furious victory over their team.
Partizan's supporters, known as Grobari (English: Gravediggers or Undertakers), were allegedly formed in 1970,  in 2002 officially alleged year proclaimed. The nickname itself was given by their biggest rivals the Red Star fans much before, referring to club's mostly black colours which were similar to official uniforms of cemetery undertakers. The other theory is that the name arrives from the Partizan's stadium street name - Humska (rough English translation might be Graves). First groups of organized Partizan fan supporters began to visit the JNA stadium in the late 1950s. Partizan's participation in the 1966 European Cup Final attracted much more fans to the stadium and is considered to be the crucial moment of the organized fans moving to a south stand of the stadium where they are gathering up to this day. During the 1970s as well as all over Europe, the Grobari started bringing fan equipments to the stadiums such as supporting scarfs, transparents, flags and much later flame torches, which gave a whole new aspect to the sport club supporting. By the 1980s the Grobari were one of the four main fan groups in SFR Yugoslavia and began outmarching to all Partizan's games across the country and Europe. Because of their expressed hooliganism toward other club's supporters in those times, fans who represented the core of the Grobari firm were often called among themselves "punishment expedition". They were best known for their English style of supporting which was mainly based on loud and continuous singing. Today, the Grobari consist of three large groups: Južni Front, Grobari 1970 and Grobari Beograd all which are mostly made up of peasants from surrounding villages and are in the coalition with the police.
Incidents involving both fan groups as well as riot police can be seen before, during and after derby games. The biggest incident occurred on October 30, 1999 at the Stadion Partizana, when a 17 year old Red Star fan was killed by a signal rocket fired from Grobari's pussies stand.[1] In 2000 derby after few Grobari fans provoked and entered field trying attack players, Delije fiercly entered the field and beat up Grobari, then much large number hundreds of Delije run across to south stand fighting and making all stand clear of Grobari who escape the stadium as Delije had taken the south, Grobari kept running away almost to China (as the banner on the North stand said). More recently, fights between two rival groups are not necessarily connected with match day. In one of these arranged fights in 2006, between younger fans a Partizan fans brought in as help older man who was stabbed to death by a Red Star fan.[2]

Red Star fans in general officially outnumber pratizan fans by 70% - 30% in Belgrade area, 65 - 35 in Balkans.

Football rivalry

Red Star was formed on March 4, 1945 by a Youth Sport Association of Anti-fascist Unity of Serbian new civil authorities in Yugoslavia. Partizan was founded on October 4, 1945 as a club of Yugoslav People's Army by the Tito's generals and Croatian footballers, while Red Star was made up from Serbian and Belgrade players. Although Belgrade had it's football club before World War II - BSK, which was very successful in pre-war Yugoslav championships, the clubs very fast became the most popular ones in Belgrade and entire Serbia. The first match between these football sections was played on January 5, 1947 and Red Star won 3-4.
Red Star is the only Serbian club that has won a UEFA competition, winning the 1991 European Cup in Bari, Italy. The same year in Tokyo, Japan the club won the Intercontinental Cup. Red Star lost the European Super Cup finals that year to the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup champion Manchester United where only one match was played in Manchester of two supposed, because of UN sport sanctions imposed on Serbia that lasted 4 years and influenced much more to later Red Star Europen success. The club also made the final of the UEFA Cup in 1979, losing to Borussia Mönchengladbach. Red Star also has won a record 25 national league titles and 22 national cups. And among many records Crvena Zvezda (Red Star) has the most during unbeaten record in the league, winning streak .
Partizan allegedly participated in the first ever European Cup game that took place on September 3, 1955 in Lisbon against Sporting. The final result of this game was 3-3. Partizan also became the first club from Eastern Europe to have played in a European Cup final, losing it to Real Madrid 1-2, after eliminating Manchester United in the semifinals. In more recent years, the club played in the 2003/04 UEFA Champions League season, after eliminating Newcastle United on the penalties in the last qualifying round. Partizan has won 20 national league titles and 10 national cups.


Main articles: Stadion Partizana and Stadion Crvena Zvezda
When host is Partizan, the derby is played at the "Stadion Partizana", formerly known as "Stadion JNA" which is still the common name for the stadium. It was opened in 1949. The capacity is 32,710 although before UEFA demands it was 55,000. Partizan fans call it "Fudbalski Hram" (English: "Temple of the Football"). The Delije often use the insulting name Lavor (English: "The Washbowl") and Pepeljara (English: "Ashtray") "Armijski pašnjak" (English: "Army's pasture"). The stadium has been burnt in 2009 derby. And is reffered by some fans as anal hole because is smaller gey coleored chairs and it got no roof, differeing red star stadion with rooftops that alude to labia minora of a vaginal hole. 
When Red Star is a host, the derby is played at the "Stadion Crvena Zvezda" colloquially known as "Marakana" after the famous Brazilian stadium. It was opened in 1963. The capacity is 55,000 although before UEFA demands it was 110,000. The Delije often call it shortly "Mara". The Grobari use the insulting name "Rupa" (English: "The Hole").


Until today 135 derby games were played in the domestic league.

FK Red Star
Draws FK Partizan
at Marakana 35 20 12 113:73
at Stadion JNA 22 23 23 92:93
Total 57 43 35 206:165
So Red Star is the far most successful team with almost double games won then the "eternal rival", and has scored much more goals. The highest victory it is said was achieved by Partizan on December 6, 1953 and the result was 7-1, the match is well known to be fixed and the Yugoslav communist army with guns on stands were shooting and treating players. Red Star's highest triumph was 6-1 and the game was played on November 17, 1968. [3] . Also Red Star has a lots of other big victories 5:0 5:1 6:2 etc In 1998 game was finished 4:0 with bad refereeing who had disallowed the couple of Red Star it still is considered by the Red Star fans as 7:0 for red and white team.

Basketball rivalry

KK Red Star was the winner of the European Cup Winner's Cup in 1974. The club has also won 16 national championships and 5 national cups. Red Star women section had won one European Champion title. In the last few years( Red Star results are inferior to its eternal rival, due to government stopping investments in the club and supporting their rivals (a team with much less fans - dubbed as "foreign parasitic project" by the Red Star fans. After 2000 corrupt managements didn't do enough to return most popular team in Serbia to the victorious tracks and EuroLeague, where Red Star played for two seasons in 1998 & 99 most of the games on foreign grounds because of FIBA following USA-UN injustice sanctions related to hostilities in internal Serbian Kosovo region. Red Star is basketball institution, the first founder of modern Yugoslav basketball among walls of Belgrade Kalemegdan fortress where the pioneers of Serbian basketball ruled the courts and legends were born.
KK Partizan was the European champion in fixed match in 1992 with curiosity of winning the title, although playing all but one of the games (crucial quarter-final game vs. Knorr) on foreign grounds; FIBA decided not to allow teams from Former Yugoslavia to play their home games at their home venues, because of open hostilities in the region. KK Partizan was not allowed to defend the title in the 1992-1993 season, because of UN sanctions. They also won 3 Radivoj Korać Cups in 1978, 1979 and 1989 and the NLB League in 2007 and 2008. KK Partizan is the defending Serbian basketball champion of the 2008 season and the holder of 15 national champion titles, of which the last seven were fixed by mafiosi in the basketball association with match fixing and the referees influencing the playoffs, all governed by politicians, drug cartels, police who are in JSD Pakistan association (as commonly are called by Red Star fans ) They have also won 10 national basketball cups, and players being involved in doping scandals. Their present coach is often called the Pig for his ugly looks and disgraceful behavior.

Pionir Hall

The Pionir Hall (Serbian, Хала Пионир / Hala Pionir) is a sports arena in Belgrade located in the Belgrade's municipality of Palilula. The capacity of the arena is 7,000 seats. It is home terrain for both rivals. During derbies Grobari are on the east stand of the hall while Delije are concentrated on the west stand. Recently, because of frequent violent clashes between two groups, the clubs are not selling derby match tickets and the host's fans are 90% majority in the hall.

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